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     Ben Saxon


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All indie publishers have to start somewhere, and we chose Ben Saxon as our first author. His crime thriller, "The Rich List" is inventive, topical and expertly plotted. The central hook: an assassin is killing the richest people in the world one by one, is a fantastic premise. We look forward to supporting Ben as his career flourishes. We are always on the lookout for debut authors, so please visit our submissions page.


About Simonstone

Simonstone is a new indie publishing company focused on giving exciting debut authors the chance to shine. Books can become overnight sensations with the right marketing and media positioning. In the buttoned up world of publishing the big five tend to play it safe. We are are looking for novels that traditional publishers may ignore. If you have a marketable book, or personal story, we want to hear from you. Our background is in media and advertising, and we believe that when it comes to selling books this expertise is the new super power .

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2023-11-16 18:30 – 20:30
House of Books and Friends,
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The Rich List Reviews

"This should be a movie"

Burn Gorman, ( The Dark Knight Rises, Game of Thrones)

White Structure
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